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Sunday Times

'Stars of the sea' voted in 50 best places to eat seafood in Ireland - June 2017

Irish Country Magazine 

Cosy getaways for couples this Spring - Feb 2017

Hot Press Magazine

 Named in the country’s Best Pubs in the Hot Press Best of Ireland 2014 magazine

The Guardian

"I warmed to Aherne's because it is a place without pretension - They have woken up to the fact that they are surrounded by the finest fish in the sea." "The bar food is ace, especially the seafood".

The Daily Telegraph

"One of the world's finest seafood restaurants."

The New York Times

"Luxurious but moderately priced bedrooms and the freshest seafood I've had anywhere."

Irish Examiner

Aherne's must ... has become one of the reasons why many people visit Youghal; this is still largely due to the dining-room restaurant which, has for years now been famous for its fish dishes which set the standard for everything else on a menu whose attractions are matched in a very good wine list. See Full Articleirishexaminer (reproduced courtesy of Irish Examiner):- Part 1 Part 2

The Patriot Ledger

My bedroom was immense, ... and furnished with every amenity.... Dinner that night was amazing..Youghal is the south coast's leading resort"

The Observer

" We thought about Tipperary but it's a long way. Instead we visited ..the harbour town of Youghal (and Aherne's for seafood), where we played in the sun on the beach"

St Petersburg Times

"Aherne's... has an excellent restaurant and charming staff".

The Daily Telegraph

I was putting a dinghy into the water at Ferry Point, across the harbour from the town of Youghal, on the Cork- Waterford border. It was a clear blue morning, and the sun was streaming down on fishing boats, and net sheds, and the broad blue estuary of the Blackwater, a river that even in the sensible Ireland of the 21st century is still pretty much a cosmos of its own... The walled town of Youghal was once the home of Sir Walter Raleigh, and one of Ireland's principal ports. It is still a buzzing kaleidoscope of brilliantly painted pubs.