Healthy Eating- Fish & Nutrition

Fish has long been recognised as one of nature’s healthiest foods and with its rich package of nutrients it is one of the few foods that can truly be called a superfood. 

Fish is rich in easy-to-digest protein. Protein is essential for growing bodies and for healing and repair at any age. Fish is also an excellent source of B vitamins which are needed to help your body to turn food into energy and also for healthy blood. Fish is particularly rich in vitamin B12 – one serving of salmon will give you four times your recommended daily amount!

Fish is also rich in many of the minerals we need for good health. Fish is a good source of zinc, iodine and selenium. Zinc is needed for healthy skin and a healthy immune system. Iodine is essential in helping to keep your body’s metabolism running as it should and selenium is a powerful antioxidant. (taken from Bord bia nutritional advice website)

Fish at Ahernes

Fresh Catch from the sea........every day! Our dedicated local fisherman delivers his catch every day to our kitchen, yes it varies! We have great relationships with local fisherman in Youghal and along the south coast ensuring that we always have the freshest and finest quality of fish available. 
For instance one of our main suppliers Kevin Murphy a 4th generation fisherman from youghal, whose fishing is all done during the day meaning he fishes one day only mixed catch Crab monkfish brill turbot sole large plaice some cod as well.
Head Chef David will usually ring to see what he has caught to see how it effects the menu for the followling few days. 
We peel all of our own prawns in the kitchen, fillet the whole fish to ensure its freshness for the customer! We feel it is well worth the effort. 
We try to maintain a varied selection of seafood and fish:
Cod, Monkfish, Salmon, Hake, Plaice, Sole, Mussels, Oyster & Prawns, Lobster and much more. 
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